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Practical information for companies

Katrinebjerg Career Day is held  in the Nygaard building (5335), Finlandsgade 21, 8200 Aarhus N. The program starts at 11:15 with 1-Minute Madness and the stands open afterwards. 

Registration: Opens in February 2023

Price: An approx. 9m2 booth costs 8.000 DKK. (ex VAT). Members of the CS Business Club are automatically offered a booth but have to actively confirm their attendance.

Jobwall: In connection with Katrinebjerg Career Day, there will be an online and physical jobwall. Every company participating at Kdag will have the opportunity to have jobs and cooperation-projects posted on these jobwalls. The physical job adverts will be left hanging for a while after the career day.

Who can you meet? At Kdag you are able to meet students from every IT-education at Aarhus University.

What can we bring? There is almost free rein when it comes to what you can or may bring to Kdag, however, we have three simple rules which we ask you to follow:
1.     No serving of alcohol – the Friday bar takes care of that.
2.     The seats in the auditorium at 1-Minute Madness are reserved for the students.
3.     Your stand has to stay within the marked area. If your stand has specific measurements, please contact  Sofia Rasmussen as soon as possible, then we will check if we have an area which fits your needs. 

When can we setup? Most likely it would be possible to setup your booth from early morning on Kdag. Further information will follow. 

Who shall we bring? Each individual company or organization decides who they will bring as their representative. However, the students favour the company stands which bring IT-employees and not only HR-employees.

How do I keep myself updated? Emails about Kdag will be sent out continuously to former attendees as well as to those who have signed up for our mailing list. You are also able to find information on our site or on Facebook

1-Minute Madness: Every company gets the opportunity to present themselves before the students with a 1-Minute Madness presentation. Below you can find links to the earlier years’ version of 1-Minute Madness. 

1-Minute Madness 2018 på YouTube

1-Minute Madness 2017 på YouTube

1-Minute Madness 2015 på YouTube

Seeking interns?

If so, you can benefit from participating in Intern and Project Day (Pday) at Katrinebjerg. Intern and Project Day is a free offer for companies and organizations that are seeking interns from the fields of study: Information Studies, Digital Design, and the IT-engineering educations at Aarhus University. The event takes place every year in October and March for the engineering students, while students from Digital Design and Information Studies only participate in the March-event (as they can only do their internship in the fall, while the engineering students can do their internship both in the spring and the fall).

Contact Henrik Olsen, who is the main organizer of Intern and Project Day for the School of Engineering, Aarhus University at ho@ase.au.dk