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Information for students

Kdag gives you a unique opportunity to meet a string of IT-companies. Bring your study group and find your next awesome study or fulltime job. Follow Katrinebjerg Career Day on   to get the latest news and exciting job adverts from the participating companies.

Prepare for Katrinebjerg Career Day

Before the day, it is a good idea to prepare yourself. You can do this by:


  • Read about the companies and make it clear how you can create value for them
  • Research which job adverts the companies bring (on our facebookpage we continuously present job adverts from the companies of the companies)
  • Prepare questions to the companies that you want to talk to
  • Be curious and seek insight; both in different fields and job functions in the IT-field
  • Consider how you can spend the day to create a strong network which can be useful in your coming job-search.
  • Update your resume and LinkedIn-profile so it is up to date at the event

Some employers prefer to receive a resume from you. It is a good idea to bring an updated, printed-out resume to the event. Other employers do not accept printed-out resumes, as their recruitment takes place online.

At Katrinebjerg Career Day you will get an insight into

  • Titles and contents of the jobs which your education aims at
  • Which qualifications and skills the positions require
  • Companies who hire candidates with your qualifications
  • Which tasks, clients and challenges the companies have
  • How you, with your profile, can solve tasks, innovate, and develop a business
  • The companies’ way of describing what they seek – and how you match this description

There is a large demand for IT-specialists, however, it is still important not to just to choose the first job, but the right job. Come to Kdag and get insight into your opportunities on the job market, and meet a lot of exciting companies which are dedicated to telling, why they are the right place for you.

Network, snacks and a free beer-ticket

At Katrinebjerg Career Day the IT-companies move into the Nygaard-building (5335) to meet all our most talented students. 

Seize the unique and simple access to knowledge and contacts

  • Presentation of every participating company at “1-Minute Madness”
  • Opportunity to speak with people from the companies about specific jobs and future possibilities
  • Opportunity to present yourself and everything you have to offer a potential employer
  • Free snacks, water, fruit, coffee, and tea, while you speak with the companies. Those are just the things we provide. The companies are usually much more creative.
  • Beer-ticket to the Friday bar, when you hand in your evaluation