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Symposium: Developing research informed competent teachers

In Denmark the parliament in 2013 passed a teacher education reform that represents a shift from content steering to goal steering in accordance with the European Qualifications Framework.

The reform is a major challenge to the teacher education programs of Denmark in respect to planning and carrying through goal steered teaching, and performance-based assessments and examinations. On this background. On this background a conference and a symposium is held on these subject are held in Copenhagen 26 and 27 January 2015.

The symposium 27 January 2015 is a full day event that involves keynote addresses from researchers and members of the WERA-IRN. The presentations will be open for staff and students at the organizing institutions and others.

Key themes for the symposium are:

  • Goal steered teacher education
  • How to plan and carry through teaching in goal steered teacher education programs?
  • How to construct performance-based assessments and examinations in goal steered teacher education programs?


Program for the symposium

Welcome by Professor Jens Rasmussen Department of Education, Aarhus University and Professor Liu Woon Chia, Dean, Teacher Education, National Institute of Education, Singapore

Preparing Thinking Teachers: The Singapore’s Perspective


Swiss second career teachers’ motivation to change to the field of teaching


Teachers’ social and relational competencies – theoretical understandings and practical implications. Can relations be taught?


Teacher educator competencies and needs for further training in relation to reforms and the shift from content-based to competency based teacher education – a survey study


Venue and registration

The symposium takes place at the Department of Education, Aarhus University, Tuborgvej 164, Copenhagen, Denmark 27 January 2015

Participation is free, but registration is mandatory due to a limited number of participants

Registration is open from 1 September 2014 - 1 December 2014


We request all members to contribute with proposals.All proposals concerning teacher education are welcome. Deadline Deadline for abstracts to both the symposium and the conference is 17 November 2014.

  • Abstracts (max. 350 words)  can be sent to Else Thousig, email: ett@edu.au.dk

National Conference

The day before the symposium - the 26th of January 2015 – a full day conference is held in Copenhagen on goal steered teacher education for teacher educators in Denmark and others with interest in teacher education. The program will consist of three invited key note presentations and two parallel sessions for paper presentations.

WERA-IRN Conveners

Professor Jens Rasmussen

Professor in Educational Sociology
Department of Education, Aarhus University

Dr. Elsebeth Jensen

Director of Studies Teacher Education
VIA University College

Dr. Lisbeth Lunde Frederiksen

Researchmanager of Centre for Methods and Approaches
VIA University College

Dr. Jesper Bremholm